Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What I see in the mirror

Not to be overly dramatic but most days I have a hard time liking myself. 

The personality trait I possess of being my own harshest critic is one that I both admire and despise. It drives me to be a better husband, father, friend, artist, employee... to be a better person. But it also makes it hard to see when I am actually improving or doing something good because it can always always be better. I often cuss at myself or tell myself that I suck.  I punish myself in many ways. Sometimes it works to achieve something I am trying to do. Sometimes it just depresses me.

This demand for perfection is also something I at times place on others but not nearly to the same degree or in the same manner. I feel I am very accepting and encouraging of others.  I definitely appreciate others for who they are.  It does not have to be done my way. I am open and would never place that pressure on anyone...especially those who I love. Why is it so hard to do this with myself?

Anyway, I think this shot is okay except the fact that I copied a hundred others that have done something similar with their reflection in a mirror.


  1. I'm sorry but I have to say when I first saw this, it made me laugh. Maybe 'cause I can certainly relate to the self deprecation.
    I suggest at least once a day you look in the mirror smile & tell yourself, I love you-even if you don't mean it at first. After awhile you will begin to see yourself like you see all of your loved ones. This really works, try it, if you want too.

  2. Thanks Lily. i'll give it a go. No worries on laughing. It is a good thing to get a reaction with a photo...and it is pretty amusing.

  3. It's interesting that when I first saw the photo I thought "I wonder what he's pointing at?" I had to get my glasses on to see that it was "THE" finger...

    I am amazed by the technique you used - So very cool even if it wasn't originally your idea - it's still the first and only one with you in it!

    Thirdly, your photo perfectly sums up how we sometimes. I've had a lot of days where I've felt like that because I yelled at the kids or husband for what was really a ridiculous reason - I'm sure all three of them would love to flip the finger at me and in their heads they probably are....

    I like it a lot, Rich, but I hope days where you feel like your reflection are few and far between.

  4. I think its a pretty cool shot.

  5. sad, my english isn´t good enough to say more... than I agree with Lily (but I didn´t laugh) and the most of Dot O.

    And also... the shot is great... and everytime you remind me at a singer... the name was....I lost the name...

  6. So I like this ... its angry but its also amusing ... employing a double standard in this situation is a good thing ...

  7. We are our harshest critics aren't we? I can totally relate.

    I love your edgy photo's.

  8. Rich, I first smiled at your photo. Then I read your post and I believe me when I say, that I truly can empathize with you.

    I think many people feel the same way you do, myself included.

  9. thanks for the comments everyone. good to know i am not alone.

  10. I can also add that you are indeed a supportive and encouraging friend. The feelings you have about yourself do not translate to those in your life.

    Great shot. One of these days I'll kick-start my own blog again. (Sigh... I suck!)