Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scratched and Dirty

What does it matter, a dream of love
Or a dream of lies
We're all gonna be in the same place
When we die
Your spirit don't leave knowing
Your face or your name
And the wind through your bones
Is all that remains
And we're all gonna be
We're all gonna be
Just dirt in the ground

- Tom Waits


  1. Rich, how do you get that weathered effect on your photos? You've done it with a few - especially the doll photo (when you thought you were having a dry day as far as photo ops) and I think it is so cool.

    This one is cool! You should enter it in the I Heart Faces contest next week - the theme is photo of us taken by us!

  2. Hey Dot. It is multiple textured layers. search grunge layers. there are a ton on flickr if you use that. easy to do. i am sure there are online tutorials. the hard part is playing with the different layers until you are happy with it...that's the part that takes me hours sometimes.
    where do i enter?

  3. I didn´t know how it works - because I´m not good in taking pictures and working with photoshop! But your effects are great!!


    Rich, above is the link. They will open Mr. Linky on Monday morning. Usually, there is a kids face entry and an adult face entry but this is the first week they are only done one theme since it is supposed to be a self portrait.

    Since you like to take photos of Frankie and Hannah, you may want to stick around for the future weeks. There is always a theme so it does get you thinking each week!

    Entries close at 9 PM EST Tuesday night.

  5. I meant to say "only DOING one theme"! Glasses help when proofreading!

  6. You look like Jesus here. Amen.

  7. LOL @Erin B.'s comment.

    I could spend all day playing around on PS. It is evil. ;)

    Cool effects on your self-portrait!