Sunday, April 12, 2009

Smoking Bunny

"Sometimes I doubt your dedication to Sparkle Motion" - line from "Donnie Darko"

In honor of Easter we watched "Donnie Darko" last night and I stayed up to 2AM messing around with my last shot. Up at 7AM with the kids hiding baskets and eggs and had some friends over for breakfast. I am a bit tired and decided a smoking bunny would be perfect for this day that means nothing to anyone who is not a kid or a Christian.

Yes I just happen to have bunny ears because I did a project a few years ago photographing as many people that were willing to in them. Check out if you want to see what that was all about.

Hope everyone had a great Sunday. Have a fantastic week.


  1. I guess this is what he may look like when all of his basket deliveries are done!!

    As usual, a creative and great capture! I will check out your bunny ear project!

    Oh, next week is the self portrait week at I Heart Faces. I got my photo all ready and then went over to reread the instructions and realized they are doing that theme next week.

  2. Oh my, that poor bunny looks like he had a rough night of Easter basket deliveries! ;)