Saturday, May 2, 2009

Her Hero

Theme for the day was superheroes.  

Well, I am NOT a superhero to most but in the eyes of Frankie I guess I do qualify.  I have super strength to lift her up.  I have x-ray vision to find things she is looking for. I can run way faster than her.  I am a genius and can answer all her questions. 

This will eventually fade a bit and I will be a mere mortal in her eyes as she grows older. It will be harder to lift her, she will be able to find the things that she wants, she will definitely run faster than my old ass, and I am guessing she will be smarter than me by the time she hits high school. 

There is one area that I will always be a superhero to her though and that is the super love that I have for her and always will. 

So, I guess that I am a least in her eyes.


  1. wonderful shot of a superhero!! These are the superheros I love!

  2. I got chills reading this, you are a great Dad. Great picture too.

  3. That is a wonderful picture and post!

  4. These are good times, Mr. Superhero! Great photo!

  5. Hey, for the first time, I "know" a real-life superhero!!!

    This is a cool photo, Rich, and a great post.