Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good and Evil

People are not either good or evil. The world is not either black or white. It is a beautiful murky gray.

People are complex. A person I may dislike may be loved by many others. He could be a jerk to others but a loving son to his mother. She may be very surface at the bar but thoughtful and intelligent in a different setting.  I have very diverse friends. It is almost impossible to put them all together in a room without conflict. I try to find the good in each and accept the evil.  I love them all for the complete person that they are.

I don't even get myself.  I am a loving father, husband, and friend. I am a pacifist and vegetarian. I am spiritual. But, I know that I could kill if someone hurt my family. I know I can be short tempered.  I know that I have hurt people with my words and actions. 

I guess I am human. The sum of all these blacks and whites, goods and evils. Just like everyone else on earth. A beautiful and murky gray.


  1. Great photo Rich and you are so right about people. We just hope we are "flexible" enough to handle personality differences and be accepting of them....without getting walked on.

    You sound like a nice guy so if forced to choose which half of your picture I like, I'd have to say the left half.... But the whole photo has such a neat effect!

    I still don't believe for one minute that your half-pint Frankie is a "bad#@@".

  2. Gray works for me...I do love the effects you do on your photos.