Monday, March 23, 2009

Very Very Brave

Frankie is getting more adventurous every day. She went super high in the swing today and actually enjoyed it. The whole time saying, "I'm very very brave."


  1. It's great to capture these little moments in her life that through the course of time you May forget. We take photos of all of the important/landmark events all of the time. It's nice to just step back and take photos of everyday life!

    What a very, very brave little girl.

  2. Seems she had much fun! Is Frankie your daughter? There are the little moments that constitute our life!

  3. Yes, Frankie is our youngest daughter. We also have a nearly 13 year old. I take pictures of them almost on a daily basis.

    You are right Dot. Almost all of my pictures from my youth are from my birthday or Christmas. Kind of cool that i am always getting presents in the shots but some of the memories are definitely lost. No fault of my parents, that is just how it was back then. Now, with digital and computer posting it is just so much easier to capture those little moments and I think people are going to remember a lot more of their lives because pictures evoke those memories when you look back at them. Kind of nice.

  4. I love the day-to-day shots as well. Some of my most prized possessions are old candid shots of my grandparents. Frankie is so cute. A precious photo!

  5. Dot and Rich you are right.. I remember shots of my childhood are also only from holidays, birthday or christmas, often with presents.

    The wonderful little moments of everyday life are gone...that´s sad, but it was the time back then.