Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ice Cream Man?

I wandered down to 16th and Mission in SF at lunch to take pictures. Even during the day there is some seedy stuff going on there and I don't recommend taking pics. On one shot, I didn't notice a drug deal going down in the background and was questioned by a very large man if I was taking pictures of him. I answered with "What the fuck would I want a picture of you for".  Acting tough can sometimes get you out of stuff and it worked this time, luckily. The pic was crap anyway and I deleted it.  Anyway, this ice cream guy didn't seem too threatening but I am not totally sure if there is actually ice cream in there... especially after seeing "The Wackness". 


  1. When I first saw the photo, I thought YUM!!!!

    After reading the explanation underneath, I'm just glad you got home safely!!

    Great photo! But now I'm looking at it in a different light

  2. Sounds like an exciting photo shoot! I think my brother and his wife used to live in "The Mission" several years ago on Coleridge.

  3. Have to wonder what they are both looking at.

  4. The photo is totally fantastic and your story, too! Glad nothing happened to you!