Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bay Bridge after the storm

It has been raining nearly non-stop for a few days in the bay area. Walking to the ferry after work there was a little break in the weather which made for a nice pic of the Bay Bridge.


  1. Beautiful. Did you do anything to this in photoshop, with levels, colors, contrast? I'm looking for tips and tricks.

    Also, what was the iso?

  2. Iso was 800. It was getting a bit dark out.

    Yes, I tweaked several things in PS.

    Tip: Take a pic that you like. Shoot in RAW format if you have it so you get what the mirror captured instead of the camera correcting and compressing in jpeg. Might not look as pretty when you put it on the screen but you will have greater control over modifying it.

    Trick: Play with all the things in PS until you like the pic more.

  3. Great shot. My sis lives in San Mateo; I'm jealous of y'all. I love Calif!! :)

  4. I love the photo - I used to live in Alameda and frequently went either over or under the Bay Bridge - loved the area.