Thursday, June 25, 2009

Got any cherries up in here?

So, Frankie is a big cherry fan. She eats them then makes this exaggerated spitting thing when spitting out the seeds into the bowl like it was a spittoon or something. Messy as heck as well.

Funny story behind the title. I went to the corner liquor store last Thanksgiving to get some...well liquor..cause that's what they sell.

Some white teenage kid all gangsta with his pants sagging and sticker still on his stupid hat turned sideways walks (wobbles) in and yells out to the guy behind the counter, "Got any cherries up in here?" I die laughing, tell the family, and know we use the line all the time...even when it makes no sense at all. Kind of an inside joke but feel free to use the line. People will laugh.

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